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Train Your Leaders & Managers

New video-based training is designed to address meaningful workplace challenges in areas such as equality, diversity & inclusion, and leadership & teamwork.

• Leading experts, contemporary drama, lived experience, illustration and explanation

• Bite-sized chapters with easy-to-navigate menus

• Compatibility with all Learning Management Systems

• Accompanying learner notes and assessment quiz

• Subtitles and transcripts for accessibility and localization

•  Optimization for use on smartphones, tablets and PCs

E-learning Tools for Leaders and Managers

Our goal is to:

• Support managers and leaders to succeed by being dynamic, inspirational,

self-aware and fair.

• Enable teams to be inclusive, productive and successful.

• Empower organizations and individuals to tackle bullying,

harassment and discrimination.

• Enhance business and personal resilience and well-being.


A 15-minute video-based  online learning journey delivered in bite-sized 

chunks with an easy-to-use  menu. Ideal for learning on the go.


A 30 to 60-minute  video-based online training course with downloadable 

learner notes and  assessment quiz.

Trainer packs

Your ready-to-go training  workshop. Customizable PowerPoint presentations, up to 10 HD videos, trainer notes and learner handouts.

Key Titles 

These are just a few of the 25+ titles being introduced!


- Developing Leadership Skills

- Emotional Intelligence

- Leading Productive Meetings

- Making Teams Work

Equality and Diversity 

- Cultural Awareness

- Disability Confident

- Religion and Beliefs


- Inclusive Leadership

- Unconscious Bias

- Understanding and Tackling Gender Bias

- The Impact of Tackling Gender Bias

- Inclusion Essentials

Bullying and Harassment

- Banter in the Workplace

- Creating an Environment Based on Respect

- Challenging Behaviors

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